We’re local radio personalities.

We always have been.

We always will be.


​​We grew up with family & friends in the business. We loved what was coming through the speakers: passion, fun, entertainment, awesome music, great contests, and most of all the radio was our hometown sound.


We dreamed of the chance to get ourselves behind the mic. When we got the chance we never wanted to leave the studio. We love being able to entertain and talk with the people in our communities.


We don’t think local radio is dead. We know it can be born again. It just needs local ownership, local ideas, and local passion to win. We have that and will make it happen again in the Lehigh Valley via the vast available local high speed & Wi-Fi web options.


We have the idea. We have the talent. We have the proven track record that made huge advertising money for the big radio companies & brought in huge ratings.


How will Radio Lehigh Valley be different than the corporate radio industry killers in town to help benefit our advertising partners?


  • Programming is made here, not in far away corporate offices

  • Launch new formats not available locally & improve on weak "local" corporate offerings

  • Our #1 on air rule: have fun; radio is entertainment, not a law firm

  • Highly affordable dvertising packages offering long term exposure

  • Advertiser messages are presented to one of the fastest growing media audiences which has proven to be truly listening

  • All commercials are a more focused & powerful :30 presentation

  • We’re excited to hear your ideas to further expand our relationship and do things different to promote special events and opportunities

  • We view your business & financial commitment with Radio Lehigh Valley as extremely valuable, and never view advertisers as ATM's. 

  • We commit to keeping our word in presenting your on-stream and on-website messages in a low clutter environment. We refuse to add more streamed commercials or website ads that bury your message in longer times between impressions. When we’re sold out, we’re sold out, because we’re not sell outs, and will not sell our business relationship either. 

Let's bring local radio back...together. Thank you for your interest in advertising with Radio Lehigh Valley. We’ll be working hard and smart to ensure your experience is an exceptional one!