Radio Lehigh Valley is redefining our local radio landscape, delivering new and/or improved upon music format offerings that better the listener experience and present a value loaded advertising opportunity for area businesses.

And more...

THE BULL is the Lehigh Valley's New Country Beast!


Developed and built in & for the Lehigh Valley by the same people who spent countless hours honing the meow channel into the station it once was, THE BULL delivers the country of now, not the country of then that has been played so much that your eyes can't take it anymore.  Plus with RLV's commercial limit guarantee, THE BULL guarantees much, much more music every hour!


So, do you want to hang out with the aging meow-ers as they cough up dusty old country hairballs and continuous commercials, or are you ready for the ultimate new country ride with THE BULL?


Saddle up!




Returning to the days of big hair, big top 40 hits, and sitcom stars with awesome sweaters, RLV is reviving one of the classic brands of Lehigh Valley radio's great past: Q100!


WQQQ-FM dominated the Valley with its 80's hits and we're bringing the fun of this great station back.


Labeled Retro Hits, the all new Q100 will focus on the classic top 40 hits that made 1980's and early 1990's radio what it was...freaking awesome.


Get ready for big hair, big fun, and big music with the all new Q100, the Lehigh Valley's Retro Hits!

We've got many more ideas planned for stations to give you, the listener, more choices and more fun than ever before in the Lehigh Valley.


And for advertisers looking to hit a great market, we're developing these brands with you in mind too, with exceptional rates and opportunities to market in a clutter reduced environment.


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